"Never Give Up. Never Give Up. Never Give Up."

I am dealing with treatable lymphoma and after 12 weeks a PET Scan indicates I'm winning. People ask how am I and I say less bad! 15 years ago, I had cure-able lymphocytes.   My motto is "NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE UP.  NEVER GIVE UP.”

Last week a nurse came to finish up to release me.  We instantly "clicked" and when I saw the physician's assistant Robin today said, “Can Bohee be my nurse today?”  Robin made a phone call and said, "Tom you’re all set."  So I learned Bohee got her training in South Korea. She came to the U. S. three years ago, married a European, and became a Christian.  I prayed for her and gave her a copy of my testimony.  I try to make every day a positive adventure of some kind.

Barb (short for Barbara since our first date) [heard a presentation about how staying positive enables a patient to stay engaged in his/her own care.]  She learned to appreciate my will power to overcome things that come my way.  I thought of that Labor Day weekend in September 1993 when I collapsed while I was jogging.  I experienced sudden death syndrome.  The doctor who saw me in emergency at Summit Hospital told me I would run again and I would be out of the hospital in a little over 10 days.   I thought, Sunday I have a procedure done on me. Monday is a holiday so I can't go home.

Then I spoke, "I believe I will go home on Tuesday."  

“That is just NOT possible!”  the doctor said.

I answered, "You do what you do, and I will do what I do and we see what happens."  (direct quote that I will never forget).

So.....procedure done Sunday at 7AM.  I rest Sunday and Monday. Tuesday I am on the treadmill at 10 AM to see how I am doing.  The doctor shakes his head and says,  “You can go home now.”

So I’m back to work on Wednesday. This is not will power in my opinion. This is God's healing power. Exodus 33:19 God says to Moses,"I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion."  

God is going to do what God wants to do, for you and for me. It is not my will power or effort but God's mercy and compassion. Yet I have to pray.   I know God is loving, merciful and kind. God knows our needs perfectly.   I know God cares for you and he cares for me too.  And we have to keep showing up no matter what (and that is where our will power comes into play) so God can be merciful and kind.