new series this fall
Immerse Bible: Kingdoms
The book of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and Samuel-Kings
The story continues as Israel enters the land and is commissioned to be God's light to the nations. It is God's plan for his new people to inhabit a new place, the template for showing all people what it means to follow God and help the world to flourish.
This book is available at FCC.
Connection Groups

Joining an FCC Connection Group is one of the best ways to cultivate personal faith in Jesus while developing meaningful connections in our church community.

Our FCC Connection groups are smaller gatherings averaging about eight to twelve people for reflection on the Bible, discussion on the Christian Faith, and community and connection with others. Some groups revolve around a particular life stage, gender, or age group, while others are eclectic and revolve around the time and place of gathering. Most groups meet weekly for several weeks at a time in the fall, winter, and spring. If you would like to grow in your faith while experiencing community with others, we recommend that you consider joining a Connection Group.