Our Staff

Marco Ambriz
Lead Pastor
Sarah Henry
Youth Pastor
Chamron Phal
Associate Pastor
Joey Le
Director of Spiritual Formation
Christina Triplett
Director of Children's Ministry
Tracy Perrilliat
Director of Care Ministries
Rhonda Ramos
Director of Hospitality & Worship
Heather Robertson
Ministry Associate
Alex Figueroa
Receptionist & 1824 Director
Nina Johnson
Business Administrator
Arlyn Ranillo
Bookkeeper & Events Manager
Clare Loux
Executive Administrative Assistant
Pam Grove
Choir Director
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Christina Triplett
Director of children's ministry
Bio Coming Soon
Tracy Perrilliat
Director of Care ministry
Our Stories
Here are our stories of how we follow Jesus in our everyday lives.
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"Our Stories" Frequently Asked Questions

Who can share?

Anyone of any age and background who calls FCC their home - a preschooler, a 99-year-old, a teacher, an artist,  anyone. You can share as an individual, or as a small group (siblings, friends, couples).

Do I have to write something?

No. You can also just talk to us, and we’ll write your story. Or share a song, a drawing, photographs, a sculpture, a poem, a dance and tell us about it. (We can videotape you). Be creative. We can film you and a friend talking about an experience together, or you interviewing someone who inspires you. We just want you to be you, telling your story of how Jesus meets you in your daily life outside of 4000 Redwood Road.

If I write something, how long should it be?

It can be a paragraph or a 1,000-word story. Write about an incident that happened to you this week or an episode in your life where you experienced God. Kids can write a sentence about something they learned or something that happened.

If I have a story or a question who do I contact?

Contact Doris Lew if you have a question or a story to share. If you already have a story written, you can email it directly to us too.

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Need ideas for your story?

Talk about how God is teaching you to trust or follow Him in your daily life.

  • Are you facing a challenge in a relationship, your family, the future, your health, a major transition?
  • Are you seeking wisdom, patience, peace? Do you find help through the Bible? Connection group? A random conversation this week that encouraged or inspired you?
  • At school/ work, is God encouraging you to..., have lunch with someone..., be a better listener...

Share about the difference Jesus makes in your life.

  • How and when did your journey with Jesus begin? Tell us about that.
  • Are you in a wonderfully blessed season in your life? Share about the perspective/ joy God is giving you. Were there “coincidences” that God worked out for you? Share as a family how you experience God’s goodness.
  • What are some challenges in your faith? Be real! Are there intentional steps you’re taking to find your anchor in God? Are there people helping you get there? We want to capture stories that encourage each other.

Tell us about a story or teaching of Jesus that inspires you to follow Him.

  • Kids, share your favorite Bible story and how it helps you to be... kind at school, play with a kid who has no friends yet, share your lunch...
  • Did a talk or Bible story on Sunday morning inspire you to do, say or think differently during the week? (i.e., Where are you striving for the Justice and Righteousness of the Kingdom of God in your daily life?)

Name someone who inspires you toward following Jesus.

  • Talk about how this person shares with you their journey in Christ. Or share how God brought you together.
  • Tell some Dad jokes (kids can do this!). Share stories and photos of your family doing things together in a way that honors God - singing, traveling, a holiday tradition.

Share through ART!

  • Do you experience God most in nature? Share photos of you at Yosemite with captions. Or send us photos you’ve taken in nature and tells us about them.
  • Share a comic strip, a sculpture, a painting, a short film you made. Share through dance, drama, poetry, music (we’ll videotape you).
  • You make quilts, socks/booties for new moms. You make meal for others or teach a class.  You’re a filmmaker or photographer. Show us your work!
We want to hear your story! Email us to share how you seek to follow Jesus in your everyday life.
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