Samira Kawar was born in Jordan and grew up in the Orthodox Church in Christ.  At age 40, the Lord revealed Himself to her in a dream and her life never was the same again. Samira then began to attend FCC where her son was involved. After her retirement, she began facilitating Evangelists to preach in Jordan.  She also continues to help with Iraqi refugees in Jordan with health services, housing, education, and food.


The year, 1991, just three years before the signing of the Jordanian, Israel Peace Treaty. June of 1991 when I received a phone call from a TV evangelist requesting me to help him be able to visit Jordan, and perform an Evangelical crusade.  Then he added, but I have an Israel passport and I am not allowed to enter Jordan.  Now I was faced with two problems to solve.

First to arrange for a Christian Crusade in a Muslim country, this never happened before.  Second, to accommodate a Guest with an Israel passport, also this never happened before.

In my human nature these are two difficult mountains I have to tackle.  It was an impossible mission but the knowledge of the word of God, is what is impossible with man is possible with God.  The Lord can move every mountain and every obstacle before me, because God’s desire is to choose His elect from every Nation and every tribe to hear the message of salvation and to be saved.

I was before the Lord for three months seeking His permission for the tasks.  The Mercy of the Lord granted me peace and joy to fulfill His call. Immediately I traveled to Jordan to start my mission which at the time looked to be very risky and impossible.

The first steps I took is to raise up prayer warriors knowing and I was assured that the power of prayers can move mountains.

First - In Jordan, I had to discuss my mission with Government officials to allow us to perform a public crusade in Amman.

Secondly – I had to obtain an entrance visa for the Evangelist with an Israeli passport, two requests never happen before. At this point I had to discuss the mission with my family in order to help me and pave the way for me to meet with the government officials.  I had the fear of rejection, not realizing that the Lord went before me and prepared their hearts before I arrived.  

Eventually, I obtained the permission for the public crusade from the government and provide the Royal arena to hold the service for 5000 people.

The pastor with the Israeli passport was granted the visa as a government guest and was highly welcomed.

The favor of the Lord was hovering over us in all the steps that we took because it was God’s desire that the Gospel shall be preached in Jordan and deliver the message of salvation to His people in the country where the Holy Land started since Moses time.

Now the year was 1992, when we crossed the river Jordan, East of Jerusalem.  The pastor with 1800 guests came with excitement to attend the crusade in Jordan that was held for the first time.

The arena was filled with 5000 guests from all faiths.  Guests from the neighboring countries were present.  The Glory and Power of God filled the arena and all were touched by the Spirit of the Living God.  Many were saved, healed, delivered and filled with joy of the Lord.  The presence of God changed the hearts of all faiths and were blessed.

Christians in Jordan told me that they never knew neither valued their Christina faith like now.  After they heard the Gospel preached.

Soon after, Christian families established home groups to study the bible. Subsequently revival hit Jordan ever since.

I obeyed my call for the mission.  I took the first step and the Lord with His might did the rest.

The Lord removed every mountain and all obstacles before me, He prepared the way and gave me favor with all.  And the Gospel has been preached ever since.

The Lord opened doors that no one can shut.  I realized the Lord’s power, and He said not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.