"Sitting alone in our campsite..."

My first wife Beverly and I joined FCC in 1975 during the Pastor Notehelfer years. Our 3 children grew up in the Youth Program. After she passed away in 1995, I met and married Ginger and inherited 3 more kids! Currently we share 9 grandchildren!

Prior to retirement I was a probation officer and Unit Supervisor. Through the years I had side jobs as an MFFC counseling intern and also taught Traffic Violator School. Don't tell anybody but one of my star pupils was budding young delinquent Pastor Danny!


I wrote this poem in 2007 while sitting alone in our campsite at Grover Hot Springs State Park in Markleeville CA (Alpine County). It is one of our family favorites! The poem represents my daily relationship with God as I imperfectly try to remain FAT-faithful, available and teachable.

The High Anxiety Prayer

The wind in the mighty trees

Is like the voice of God

Sometimes a gentle breeze

Sometimes the roar of a hot rod.

He tells me to REST when I rest

LABOR when I labor

Give Him and others my best

With love for all especially my neighbor.

Pray without ceasing

This His loving command

When your brow is creasing

Just know you’re in his hand.