I'd like to share a song with you called "Peaceful Place". I wrote it several years ago during a very challenging time in my life when I was dealing with a lot all at once. All of the stress began to effect my health. I just needed to pour my heart out to God during this time of long suffering and this song came about. I've performed it with our band 'Calico Crew' at the Celebrate Life luncheon at our church about 6 years ago. I asked God for Peace in my time of trouble and the end of the song is God's response to me. "I will keep you in perfect peace if you keep your mind stayed on me." Isaiah 26:3



Peaceful Place

written by Natalie Figueroa

My God I’m giving you my heart my soul

My all my life to you.

I need your saving grace. 

I’m tired I’m lost I need your peaceful place.



I need your peaceful place

Oh God a hiding place. 

I know there is a place that you provide.

In all my deep despair my burden's hard to bear.

I need a place a peaceful place if rest. 

In arms of love it’s safe

I find my joy hope that I had lost.

It’s here this peaceful place.


Why do I always leave  this peace place.



I have taken refuge here for now

Hold me close don’t ever let me go.

Heal me from within, a new life shall begin

And I will surely thank you.

Yes I will praise you Lord.


Bridge2: ( Isaiah 26:3)

I will keep, keep you in perfect peace

Keep your mind keep it stayed on me. I will keep, keep

You in perfect peace. If you keep your mind,  

keep it stayed on me.