We feel as a couple that God has blessed us with a wonderful neighborhood to live in in the Oakland Hills, as well as, with wonderful church community.  In 2008 our son was born with a rare blood disease similar to cancer and had to be on chemo from three days old until he turned one. We feel God worked through many members of the FCC community to love us and get us through this very difficult time until he was "as good as cured".  In 2016 we moved to Park City, UT where once again we were faced with health issues but this time in Joe.  He had deviated septum surgery which lead to the discovery of throat cancer which was treated by 40 rounds of radiation and 5 awful chemo treatments. Thankfully we had a church community we were a part of and felt the love of God through friends there.  

We feel in a way these very challenging times were actually a blessing to us because we had to lean on Him for strength and perseverance and we felt His love and presence like we'd never felt it before.