One of the ways that I follow Jesus is by reading -- not just my bible, but almost everything.

When I read fiction I process what I know about the characters and their interactions through the fundamental truths of the gospel. Most fictional characters are either round, dynamic, static, or flat, Dynamic characters tend to experience a transformation within the arc of the narrative. Noah, Jonah, John the Baptist, and Moses are all biblical characters that experience transformational change. Jesus himself is transformation; his incarnation, his transfiguration and sacrifice on the cross is the most powerful narrative the world has ever known or will ever know.

Non-fiction is a rich field for me to experience Jesus as well. Human beings can never stop learning, and therefore what I learn and process by reading non-fiction must be filtered into my life as a believer in Christ. Of course, non-fiction books on Christian spirituality are tools, yet so are books by Michael Pollen and Barbara Kingslover, as they take into account the natural world God created.

Reading and learning are key to my's a part of the molecular genetic fabric that God created within me. Reading is a gift and I can never get enough.