Edwyn and Loretta were born and raised in Oakland, Edwyn graduating from Tech High and Loretta from Oakland High.  They stayed local to attend college, met during their first year in college, and began dating shortly thereafter.  They married five years later and placed their faith in Jesus five years after being married.  FCC offers a class called Workplace Discipleship, taught by Dr. David Gill.  Edwyn and Loretta both took the class, recommend the class, and are big supporters of workplace discipleship as it was through a friendship cultivated in the workplace that they were both led to Jesus.  The barrier to accepting the good news of Jesus was a lack of understanding for both Edwyn and Loretta, but for Edwyn additional barriers included ego and simply no perceived need for Jesus.

After being married for five years and being childless, they both really wanted to start a family but were unable to, and eventually sought medical consultation.  However, unbeknownst to them, the Christian co-worker who eventually led Edwyn and Loretta to Jesus was secretly praying that they would NOT be able to conceive until AFTER they placed their faith and trust in Jesus.  If you're curious, this six minute video (located below) provides some additional details on how God's plan for Edwyn and Loretta unfolded. This picture is a sneak peek of what God had in store. Similar to when the Israelites set up altars to remember important events, times when they saw God's faithfulness to them (e.g. Joshua 4), this family picture is a constant reminder to them of God's faithfulness.  

Though reserved people and not outwardly expressive, Edwyn and Loretta are nonetheless very fond of their FCC church family and thank God that He led them there.