Alaina shares about the experience of hearing God through her writing and what it means to follow Jesus daily.


We also asked Alaina When and where did your journey with Jesus begin? For her, that started at a very specific time and place. Even though she grew up in the church, it was on a trip to Vegas for a work conference in the summer of 2018 that she will say her real journey with Jesus began. Having experienced a profound loss of a friend who passed away suddenly and tragically before the trip, she was in mourning and was questioning what ultimately mattered in life. After much thought and contemplation, she left her job and decided to trust God to take her in a new direction not knowing what that would be.  Her friend Claire had joined her on the trip, and through conversations together they discovered shared pain in the past and were able to encourage each other. God was growing in Alaina a deeper empathy for others, and stirred in her a new sense of joy in living with the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.

The Present

May I present to you,

The precious present

Of the present;

Which always has been,

Is, and forever will be.

Never then,

Always now.

Where past kisses future,

Freedom lies in their embrace;

For each on their own

Are selfish mistakes.

Weights and anchors,

Pushes and shoves,

But here in the middle

Is where one finds love.

Love from within

For all things around,

Love from above

Gravitational ground.

Chin up my dear,

The lost can be found.

If they know where to look

And turn to the Book...

Learn to embrace

Everlasting grace...

Remaining present

To feel God's presence...

Tuning in

To the song of life,

Of which there is

No sweeter sound;

The secretly seducing melody

Of right here,

Right now.