God blesses us through many ways, even when it seems impossible. The book of Luke in the Bible talks about how God blessed Zechariah and his wife with a child when they were at their old age. That child is known as John The Baptist. But this verse doesn’t just mean child blessings but others too. What this verse means sort of to me, is that when we were going to get my sister, Lee Ann, it was a little hard. We had to get the right to adopt her, the papers to adopt her, and all other stuff to adopt her. We only had a few weeks! But God pulled us through and made miracles. And sooner or later we are on the plane to China! We also got to my sister’s city on a second plane to Lanzhou. When my sister arrived at our hotel building, I was sleeping. When I woke up I saw her and the first thing I said was, “Oh she’s beautiful”, and then I said I would do all these things for her, but I never did some of them. But I am doing a lot of them today. I still play with her, I still cuddle with her, and especially I still love her.  God still does miracles today.