A girl in my class mocked the Bible

In the Bible, 1 Peter 3:15, states: “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” This verse basically means that whenever anyone asks why you believe in God, you should be prepared to tell them the reason why.

I have grown up in a Christian household, so for me I haven’t personally doubted the Christian faith or why I believe in Christ. I also went to a Christian school up until 2018, so I was constantly surrounded by other believers. This year when I transferred to Skyline High School, I encountered some new experiences.

One main experience that sticks out to me is when I brought a Bible to school. A girl in my class came up to me and asked if it was a Bible. I said yes. She then went on to mock the Bible and curse it. This was so shocking to me because I had never witnessed someone do this. I had only heard of people doing this in books or when I watched movies about people fighting for their faith in college (God’s NOT Dead).

Another experience was when people asked for my social media, Instagram in particular. They all noticed I had a Bible verse in my bio and they would say things like: “Eww Autumn, why do you have a Bible verse in your bio?” or they would laugh at me like it was a bad thing. These experiences really opened my eyes, and I realized that I should know how to defend my beliefs and my God.

I believe the Bible is inspired by God. There is evidence that shows the Bible is from God. Meteorology, genetics and prophecy are all areas where you see evidence. I won’t go into detail here but I talked about it in my Confirmation speech last year (2018) at church.  I had studied the Bible and showed where the Bible describes many things that scientists discover later on.  

When I am confronted by these questions at school, I might not always know the answer and that’s okay.  But when I defend my faith, I hope it shows the doubters that I am confident. When they realize how much proof there is behind Christianity, they might be willing to visit church and look into the idea of giving their life to Christ.

When I am prepared to give the reasons for believing in God, I try to also do so “with gentleness and respect…”. When we are gentle and respectful, we don’t run the people off. After verse 15, 16 goes on to say that when we keep a clear conscience, by not slandering those who doubt, we make them think about why we aren’t angry or upset with them. They will be surprised by how calm you are and they may even be a little ashamed for coming at you like that. When we are gentle and respectful, we show a little piece of God in us. When we live for God is shows in our everyday life. The best life to live is one that is lived for God.