Your Leadership Matters

...and it matters now more than ever. How are you using it?

  • Get your infusion of actional leadership insights & inspiration
  • Learn from a diverse world-class faculty
  • Experience the GLS in-person at our location
  • Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your community
  • Join with people from 110 countries and 55 languages who attend the Summit around the world

FCC will be hosting a local summit experience with a live simulcast from the Willow Creek Campus. Please join us, August 4-5!

The benefits of attending at our location include:

  • Networking opportunities with leaders from our community
  • Reduced cost and time spent on travel
  • Grow and learn with your team in a setting close to home
Who's Who at the GLS 2022. To name a few.
Bob Iger
Stephanie Chung
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
Lynsi Snyder

There are two ways to register

Host Site Family Registration
If you regularly attend First Covenant Church, enter your Host Site priority code during registration. Contact us if you need the code to register.
Register as Host Site Familycontact us to access code
Register as a Guest
If you do not regularly attend First Covenant Church throughout the year, register with your own organization information.
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Pricing Breakdown
FCC Attendees:
$179 regular pricing
SPECIAL PRICING: July 22-25 only $139
Guest Attendees:
$229 regular pricing


  • Simplify. Simplify the structure to the necessary elected roles, processes and guidelines for excellent governance. This will encourage FCC to reduce complexity, be more nimble and focus more of its energy on mission and vision.
  • Clarify. Clarify the roles, responsibility and accountability of the members and leaders of the church. This will help to reduce confusion, bureaucracy and overlap of governing jurisdictions.
  • Release. Release even more people to do ministry organically in teams. This model will reserve the nomination, election and term limits of office for those in governing roles while making it easier for all others to serve in ministry teams.

Core Reasons for Change

  • Authority and decision making is often duplicative and overly bureaucratic, resulting in delayed decisions as well as conflicting and opposing decisions from different boards of the church. This often occurs because FCC has eight different boards with overlapping or unclear governing jurisdiction over multiple ministry areas.
  • The current structure encourages a perpetual working environment of board members and many time-consuming meetings which often leads to burnout and exhaustion among lay leaders. This also results in many gifted leaders on our boards not having quality time or energy to engage in other direct ministries.
  • This structure discourages the participation of youth, young adults, young professionals and parents of younger children in our governance and leadership. Our value of including the voice of the whole congregation is hindered without more robust participation of younger leaders in governance and ministry.
  • The large number of required elected positions (67) including a nominating committee of (17) leads to excessive time-consuming and labor-intensive efforts to nominate and maintain the offices of those terming out on an annual basis.
  • The representative nature of our governing structure promotes divided loyalty among the church board members who are chairs of their respective ministry boards. At the church board table, they are often caught between the priority of taking action on behalf of the interest of the whole church or the interest of their ministry board and constituents who have appointed them to represent them.