2019 High School Confirmation Speech

Confirmation SpeechES Featuring:
Elisabeth Figueroa, Jenna McCabe, Jason Machle, and Audrey Tang
Confirmation Speeches Featuring:
Hannah Brunnschweiler, Keiko Chan, Nicholas Chen, Tyler Luton, and Jilli Tiao
Confirmation Speeches Featuring:
John Halstead, Irene Liberati, Julia Miya, and Joshua Nielsen

2018 High School Confirmation Speech

Confirmation at First Covenant Church is a weekly program during the school year. The program incorporates regular Tuesday meetings, two Saturday morning workshops, and a retreat that all center on these purposes:

▸ To Explore the Bible and the Central Teachings of Jesus

▸ To Learn about the History of the Christian Faith

▸ To Encourage Growth as a Disciple of Jesus with other Teens and Mentors

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