December 3, 2020
Exodus 15:20-21

20 Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women followed her, with timbrels and dancing. 21 Miriam sang to them: “Sing to the Lord, for he is highly exalted. Both horse and driver he has hurled into the sea.”

Exodus 15:20-21 by Mike Mather

For He has triumphed gloriously!!

Triumph! That's something that sounds foreign in the year 2020.

Even with a pandemic, even with social unrest, and the unknown of what's to come, God is still opening doors and creating opportunities for His amazing works to occur.

At the start of this pandemic, my friend was feeling lost, he was questioning the who, what, where, when, and why's of God.

  • Who is this God? Should I look elsewhere?
  • What will God do for me?
  • Where is this God, I haven't heard anything?
  • When will God work in my life?
  • Why hasn't God helped me and my family?

2020 has created the perfect storm for my friend and I to really dig deep and search who God really is to him. My friend and I decided to quarantine together, and started a weekly workout routine. After these workouts we would sit and discuss God, pray, and let our heart's speak.

We continued to discuss God's love, God's plan, and the peace and strength that comes with that.

  • Questions of "Who?" turned to "Who can I pray for?"
  • Questions of "What?" turned to "What can I do to help in God's plan?"
  • Questions of "Where?" turned to "Where can I learn more about God's love?"
  • Questions of "When?" turned to "When are we going to have this bible study?"
  • Questions of "Why?" turned to "Why didn't we do this sooner?"

For He has triumphed gloriously!!

This quarantine was an opportunity to walk with my friend in his search for the Lord, and we were both blessed because of it.

We were able to strengthen our relationship with each other as well as our relationship with God.

Continue to reach out, and triumph in the Lord.

The First Noel performed by KB & Abigail Ashby

Christmas Tradition

American Red Cross by Ron Atkinson

The Holidays in 2020 look and feel very strange to most of us. We really haven’t figured out how to handle Thanksgiving and Christmas yet in the year of the Virus.

However, one thing I personally do at this time of the year hasn’t changed-donating blood. I am a regular year-around donor but my donation during the Holiday Season is always especially meaningful. As Christians we know the link between blood and forgiveness is a significant and powerful part of our faith.

So for me a gift of blood not only benefits a needy person in the community but reminds me of Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice.

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